IPTU-ISS Guararema

“Refis – Programa de Recuperação Fiscal” is a federal program developed for municipalities as facilitation for the common citizen to be up to date with their individual and/or corporate tax debts. This job was commissioned with the purpose to work as an incentive for the citizens to comply with their civic duties, telling them how taxes return as benefits and simplifying the entire debt settlement process.

The clean, light-toned space, combined with the images of happy people and recognizable buildings of Guararema, animation and a few playful elements, is set to communicate in a more pleasant way and to soften the debt situation of the citizens and/or companies, encouraging them to become up to date with their tax debts. Aware that taxes return as benefits for the city and its entire population, the citizens then feel more comfortable to negotiating their debts.


Prefeitura de Guararema




UI/UX design